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Cardboard, Glass & Plastic Cutters

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Fletcher FSC Blades (10 Per Tube) Fletcher FSC Blades (10 Per Tube)

Part # F05222
Fletcher FSC Blades (10 Per Tube).

Our Price: $19.30
F-60 Replacement Blades 10/box F-60 Replacement Blades 10/box

Part # F05235
Replacement blades for Fletcher F-60. Ten per box.

Our Price: $38.69
NULL Plastic Blades for F3000

Part # F05712
Plastic cutting blades for Fletcher 3000 Wall Cutter

Our Price: $58.00
Fletcher Stop Fletcher Stop

Part # F04112
F-3000 Measuring Stop
Ideal for cutting multiple boards of the same dimension without the need to measure each individual board. Can also be used on the 8400 Series Cutter.

Our Price: $59.22
Replacement Blades For No. F05120 Replacement Blades For No. F05120

Part # F05713
Replaceable Blades The replaceable steel blade unit for No. F05120 heavy duty plastic cutters. This feature makes the heavy duty cutters more economical than the light duty disposable models.

Our Price: $63.80
Sintra Cutter For Fletcher 3100/4474 Sintra Cutter For Fletcher 3100/4474

Part # F12225

Sintra Cutter For Fletcher 3100/4474

Our Price: $95.99
Fletcher Squaring Arm Fletcher Squaring Arm

Part # F04630
Squaring Arm for 2200 Mat Cutters

Our Price: $215.47
stops for fletcher 2100 Fletcher Production Stops

Part # F04622
Measuring Stops
Save time while reducing over cuts and undercuts. Especially useful for cutting multiple mats. Two stops in each package
Fits Fletcher 2200 and 2100.

Our Price: $301.15
F3000/F3100 Mounting Stand F3000/F3100 Mounting Stand

Part # F04101
Mounting Stand for Fletcher F3000/F3100.

Our Price: $553.30
Fletcher F-60 Straight line cutter Fletcher F-60 Semi-Rigid/Flexible Cutter

Part # F04722

Features a unique plastic knife design that allows quick and safe blade changes, a lock-down pressure clamp tightly securing materials during the cutting process and a “lock and cut” function for operator cutting control.

Our Price: $827.74
Titan Cutter Titan Cutter and Trimmer - 60"

Part # F04752
Cut And Trim On The Same Machine. Fletcher is pleased to introduce the Titan Cutter and Trimmer.

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Fletcher Terry FSC Fletcher Substrate Cutter
FSC Multi-Material Cutter

Part # F04720
Fletcher-Terry introduces the FSC
(Fletcher Substrate Cutter)
An affordable finishing solution designed for virtually any sign-making or graphics development business, working in a pre- or post-print process.

Our Price: $4,541.18
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