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Hand Tools for Framing

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shop apron Premium Shop Apron

Part # 647
19 1/2" x 24" Shop Apron Heavy duty apron, designed for the picture framer. Navy Blue color, with 3 Front Pockets.

Our Price: $13.92
Sale Price: $6.99
Savings: $6.93
white cotton gloves Cotton Gloves - Large

Part # 656
Cotton Gloves Large
12 Pairs
When handling negatives, microfilm, artwork or prints where body oils and grease could cause major damage, use these cotton white gloves and avoid fingerprints.

Our Price: $10.63
Sale Price: $7.45
Savings: $3.18
burnishing bone Burnishing Bone
Sm. 6 in

Part # 651
Burnishing Bone 6" For fine finishing of edges on picture mats. Eliminates rough edges caused by knife, and makes overcuts less obvious.

Our Price: $7.47
bone folder lineco Burnishing Bone
Lg. 8 in

Part # 998
Burnishing Bone 8" For fine finishing of edges on picture mats. Eliminates rough edges caused by knife, and makes over cuts less obvious.

Our Price: $9.41
4inch Rubber Roller Rubber Roller
4 Inch

Part # 1443
Rubber Roller 4" wide. Plated steel wire handle. Smooth rolling action... handle locked in center

Our Price: $11.02
bevel edge files...for mats Mat Savers

Part # 997

Mat Saver - Touch Up Tool for Mats and Mouldings MAT GOOFS Due to DULL blades or incorrect blade depth adjustment. NO PROBLEM...just SWISH away with Super Plus Mat-Saver. WOOD AND METAL MOULDINGS. Easy removal of cut shavings from saw or chopper. Just the RIGHT SIZE, Just the RIGHT GRIT, Just the RIGHT PRICE DOUBLE SIDED - LASTS TWICE AS LONG.

Package of 25.

Our Price: $19.30
Sale Price: $13.49
Savings: $5.81
Rubber Roller <BR> ( 8 Inch ) Rubber Roller
8 Inch

Part # 1444
Stand Roller 8" Width - Plated steel wire handle - Smooth rolling action - Handle locked in center - 1/8" thick rubber 1" diameter - Wood center with end caps

Our Price: $13.71
NULL Super Wire Cutter

Part # 1344
Super Wire Cutter

This tool has diagonal cutting jaws to reduce frayed ends and cut effortlessly through SuperSoftstand, Softstrand, Surflon, and all other brands of picture wire (ie. all sizes of braided wire, standed wire, and Coated Wire). It has a built-in spring for quick, easy cutting and heavy duty construction provides dependable, long-lasting use. It is a great tool for any framing workshop.

Our Price: $32.20
Fasten-IT Fasten-IT Complete Kit

Part # 1505
Fasten-IT is the quick and easy way to mount fabric articles. Time efficient and hassle-free, it allows you to quickly and accurately complete fabric and garment framing jobs and move onto other projects faster.

Our Price: $102.54