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Canvas & Needlepoint Stretching

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8" Glass Pliers w/ 1" Jaw 8" Glass Pliers w/ 1" Jaw

Part # 936
Back By Popular Demand, These Very Useful 1" Breakers Are Ideal For Breaking Larger And Longer Pieces of Glass. Their 1" Wide, Drop-Jaw Design And Long 8.5" Handles Provide Ample Leverage- Making It Effortless To Break Larger Pieces of Glass.

Our Price: $12.85
Canvas Stretching Pliers Canvas Pliers

Part # 935
Canvas Stretching Pliers Chromium plated steel. Drop forged steel, heavy duty jaws. Perfectly mating deep teeth provide positive no-slip grip on canvas. Spring return handle.

Our Price: $22.31
Sale Price: $15.99
Savings: $6.32
Canvas Stretching Pliers Canvas Stretching Pliers

Part # 934
Canvas Stretching Pliers Plier is made with hammer jaw. The hammer acts as a lever if a strong pull is required. This is an excellent tool for stretching leather and canvas. It can also be used as a hammer Length: 8", width of jaw 3"

Our Price: $34.93