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Mitre Saws, Choppers & Sanders

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Sanding Disks For 2260<BR>  ( Each ) Sanding Disks For F04085
( Each )

Part # 937
Sanding Discs for Miter True Sander Item # F04085

Our Price: $15.47
Morso Parts Morso Parts - No.407

Part # 2803S-4462S

Will Not fit Jyden Choppers

Our Price: $52.55
Sale Price: $39.41
Savings: $13.14
Morso Parts Morso Foot Chopper Blades
Part - No.301

Part # 1300
Standard Blades
Will Not fit Jyden Choppers

Our Price: $440.74
Fletcher Saw Replacement Blade<br> Wood & Soft Materials<br>16 in. (400mm x 30mm) Fletcher Saw Replacement Blade
Wood & Soft Materials
16 in. (400mm x 30mm)

Part # F05044
1-Blade - must order 2 for a Pair
Fletcher Saw Replacement Blade for Wood & Soft Materials - 16 inch (400mm x 30mm)

Our Price: $547.30
Mitre True Sander Mitre True Sander

Part # F04085
Now you can quickly and accurately true up the 45 degree mitre on wood frames without changing the inside dimension, or creating unwanted noise. A turn of the disk cleans up and corrects the mitre cut, giving you a perfect corner every time. Whether you use a vise or a machine, you'll get better results using the MITRE TRUE sanding disk tool, made especially for picture framing.

Our Price: $937.71
AMP T-400 AMP T-400 Double Mitre Saw

Part # T400
The T-400 Saw is designed to cut 45 degree mitres precisely for picture framing and woodworking applications such as windows, doors, and furniture components.

Our Price: $19,215.63
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