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NULL Replacement Sander Disc <BR> ( 2 pack ) Sanding Disks For 2260<BR>  ( Each ) Morso Parts
Morso Parts - No.303
Our Price: $12.90
Part # 5477
Universal M-100 Miter Table adapts to all Miter Saws. Specially designed clamps provide hands free mitering of aluminum moulding, mica moulding and, all shapes of wood moulding. Clamps adjust quickly. Long 60 inch measuring gage with recessed scale. Specially designed positive locking slider-measures aluminum moulding, wood moulding. Slider has adjustable pointer for fitting allowance. Long infeed supports length of moulding for easier operation. Assembled length is 11 feet,.
( Measuring attachment only - saw not included)
Replacement Sander Disc for No. 5797 Logan Sander Part # 937
Sanding Discs for Miter True Sander Item # F04085
Part # 2803S-4518S
Bolt For Blades

Will Not fit Jyden Choppers
Morso Parts Morso Parts Fletcher Saw Replacement Blade<br> Wood & Soft Materials<br>16 in. (400mm x 30mm) Mitre True Sander
Morso Parts - No.407
Our Price: $52.55
Morso Foot Chopper Blades
Part - No.301

Our Price: $408.45
Sale Price: $309.99
Savings: $98.46
Mitre True Sander
Our Price: $765.45
Part # 2803S-4462S

Will Not fit Jyden Choppers
Part # 1300
Standard Blades
Will Not fit Jyden Choppers
Part # F05044
1-Blade - must order 2 for a Pair
Fletcher Saw Replacement Blade for Wood & Soft Materials - 16 inch (400mm x 30mm)
Part # F04085
Now you can quickly and accurately true up the 45 degree mitre on wood frames without changing the inside dimension, or creating unwanted noise. A turn of the disk cleans up and corrects the mitre cut, giving you a perfect corner every time. Whether you use a vise or a machine, you'll get better results using the MITRE TRUE sanding disk tool, made especially for picture framing.
AMP T-400
AMP T-400 Double Mitre Saw
Our Price: $15,749.95

Part # T400
The T-400 Saw is designed to cut 45 degree mitres precisely for picture framing and woodworking applications such as windows, doors, and furniture components.