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Circle & Oval Cutting Machines

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NULL Carbide Wheel for F05221

Part # F03130
Replacement Carbide Wheel for Fletcher Oval/Circle Cutter

Our Price: $21.06
glass cutter Fletcher Carbide Wheel

Part # F03126
Carbide Glass Wheel Unit. Used in the Fletcher-Terry model 3000 and 3100 cutting machines.
124 Degree cutting wheel angle

Our Price: $24.99
logan oval mat cutter Logan 3-Step Oval Cutter

Part # 667
At Last ... Professional Mat Cutting Results At An Affordable Price!! Never before has an oval mat cutter been able to cut such a wide variety of sizes, so accurately for such a low price. Not a toy or a gimmick. It s a Logan mat cutter! It s the oval mat cutter you ve been waiting for and it s available now. Cuts beveled ovals from 3-1/4 x 4-3/4 to 20 x 23 and beveled circles from 4-1/2 to 20.

Our Price: $63.46
Glass Cutter Fletcher Oval/Circle Glass Cutter

Part # F05221
Fletcher Oval/Circle Glass cutter The Fletcher Oval/Circle Glass Cutter expands your capabilities by letting you switch from scoring ovals to circles on glass, stained glass, or textured glass. It's equipped with easy-to-operate features -- like the suction cup that adheres. There's an easy-to-read scale along the beam that lets you set accurate measurements with a tist of a knowb and with the easy-to-adjust offset settings you can make ovals from 4 1/2 inches to 24 inches and offset circles up to 21 inches in diameter. Uses a 134 degree tungsten carbide wheel

Our Price: $156.94