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Miscellaneous Tools for Framing

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white cotton gloves Cotton Gloves - Large

Part # 656
Cotton Gloves Large
12 Pairs
When handling negatives, microfilm, artwork or prints where body oils and grease could cause major damage, use these cotton white gloves and avoid fingerprints.

Our Price: $10.63
shop apron Premium Shop Apron

Part # 647
19 1/2" x 24" Shop Apron Heavy duty apron, designed for the picture framer. Navy Blue color, with 3 Front Pockets.

Our Price: $11.77
Fasten-IT Fasten-IT Complete Kit

Part # 1505
Fasten-IT is the quick and easy way to mount fabric articles. Time efficient and hassle-free, it allows you to quickly and accurately complete fabric and garment framing jobs and move onto other projects faster.

Our Price: $102.54