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Spray Finishes & Coatings

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graphic art spray#1303 Krylon Crystal Clear

Part # 450
Crystal clear (acrylic) applies clear, stays clear. A permanent protection for drawing, prints, etc. Non-yellowing.

Our Price: $11.45
uv filter coatings Krylon UV Filter Crystal Clear

PART # 451

Crystal clear acrylic applies clear and stays clear. A permanent protection for drawings, prints, etc. Non-yellowing.Krylon#1305
Uv resistant.

Our Price: $11.45
graphic art spray#1312 Krylon Kamar Varnish

Part # 452
Kamar Varnish -- a final varnish for oil painting. Revives dull "sunken" colors. Hard finish, high gloss, durable, lasting protection.

Our Price: $11.45
graphic art spray#1306 Krylon Workable Fixatif

Part # 453
Workable Fixatif-fixes pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastels, remain clear. Ideal surface for res-work of art revision. Compatible with tempera colors, india ink, etc.

Our Price: $11.45
graphic art spray#1311 Krylon Matte Finish Spray

Part # 454
Matte (non-gloss) finish. Eliminate glossy sheen and light reflection, for use on black-and-white and color surfaces.

Our Price: $11.45
spray varnish. Krylon Krylon Satin Varnish

Part # 455
Krylon satin finish varnish MFG#7002

Our Price: $11.45
Clear acrylic protective Sprayway Plastic Spray

Part # 633
Clear acrylic protective coating for use by artist, printers, picture framers, and screen printers. Protects artwork, proofs, photos, blueprints, etc. from aging, yellowing or smudging. Highly-flexible, water-repellent, quick-drying. Safe to use on watercolor, pastel, charcoal, pencil and colored ink renderings.

Our Price: $13.96