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Archival Adhesives

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Wheat Starch 2 oz. Lineco Wheat Starch 2 oz.

Part # L6151002
A very carefully purified, uncooked food-grade wheat starch. When cooked, it makes a superior smooth wheat paste adhesive. NOTE: Must be cooked.

Our Price: $8.03
Methyl Cellulose Adhesive 1.5 Oz Lineco Methyl Cellulose Adhesive 1.5 Oz

Part # L7931001
A neutral pH, water reversible adhesive that drys clear. Use for repair, gluing end sheets and general archival adhesive applications.

Our Price: $9.86
acid free hinging adhesive Lineco Rice Starch 2 oz.

Part # L6151502
Lineco's Pure Rice Starch 2 Oz reasonable plastic bottle This is a highly purified starch for mounting paper hinges of rice paper in traditional museum mounting. Requires cooking to make a paste. Complete instructions included.

Our Price: $10.93
Lineco Klucel G 2 oz Lineco Klucel G 2 oz

Part # L6155582G
Klucel G can be dissolved in either water or alcohol, but it is its solubility in alcohol that presents the most useful possibility. It introduces the prospect of adhesion without the deformation that water can cause.

Our Price: $22.99