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Lineco Klucel G 2 oz
Lineco Klucel G 2 oz

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Klucel G can be dissolved in either water or alcohol, but it is its solubility in alcohol that presents the most useful possibility. It introduces the prospect of adhesion without the deformation that water can cause. Klucel G is also a leather consolidant that assists in the prevention of the spread of damage caused by red rot.
Directions for use in hinging artwork: Mix Klucel G with either ethanol or isopropyl alcohol (use about twice as much alcohol as powder) in a closed jar and shake vigorously rather than stirring. Since one is mixing a powder with a liquid, proportions may get a bit unspecific, but once the alcohol has infused the powder, it should turn from cloudy to clear in several hours or overnight. This creates a thicker version of the material and should bond more strongly. A thicker form of Klucel G is likely to bond better as it readily forms a skin and that skin will shrink as the alcohol evaporates, drawing the two surfaces together.
Directions for leather consolidation: Mix Klucel G with either ethanol or isopropyl alcohol (alcohol should be at room temperature). Use 1 teaspoon of Klucel G for each 4 ounces of liquid alcohol. Slowly sprinkle the Klucel G powder in to the alcohol and stir or shake to mix. The mixture will appear clumpy and thick at first but allow at least 24 hours for the material to completely dissolve. Mix and store in a sealed container to prevent evaporation. Mix or shake again prior to application. Gently apply a thin, even coating to area of deteriorating (red rot) leather. When dried, additional applications may be required if leather still appears dry or powdery.
Directions for reinforcing paper: Mix Klucel G with either ethanol or isopropyl alcohol (use � teaspoon of Klucel G for each 4 ounces of alcohol. With a small paint or sponge brush, carefully apply a thin, even coating of the mixed gel to the paper and allow to dry.
� Won�t be metabolized by molds or pests
� No refrigeration necessary
� Extensive hand drying with desiccated blotters is no longer critical
� Allows the creation of hinges nearly as wide as the artwork itself

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