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white cotton gloves Cotton Gloves - Large

Part # 656
Cotton Gloves Large Minimum 1 dozen per size When handling negatives, microfilm, artwork or prints where body oils and grease could cause major damage, use these cotton white gloves and avoid fingerprints.

Our Price: $7.55
Jewelers Screwdrivers Jewelers Screwdrivers

Part # 3249
Jeweler's Screwdrivers Set of 6 For jewelers, instrument makers, sub-miniature parts and assemblers, and other mechanics. has swivel head, nickel plated body with screw chucks grooved for size identification, and tempered steel blade. 3 3/4" overall length. Conforms to Govt. Specs.

Our Price: $17.30
4inch Rubber Roller Rubber Roller
( 4 Inch )

Part # 2811
Rubber Roller 4" wide. Plated steel wire handle. Smooth rolling action... handle locked in center

Our Price: $11.15
shop apron Shop Apron

Part # 647
17" x 22" Shop Apron Heavy duty apron, designed for the picture framer. Blue denim color. Pen pocket and reg pocket.

Our Price: $10.95
Rubber Brayer Standard 8 inch Roller

Part # 4276
Stand Roller 8" Width - Plated steel wire handle - Smooth rolling action - Handle locked in center - 1/8" thick rubber 1" diameter - Wood center with end caps

Our Price: $9.00
nail set 58-111 Stanley Nail Set

Part # 2947
Square Head, Round Knurled Shank Alloy steel hardened and tempered. Tips are cupped and chamfered. Square head prevents rolling. Tips are polished. 1/32" size for framers.

Our Price: $2.00
NULL Super Wire Cutter

Part # 1344
Super Wire Cutter

This tool has diagonal cutting jaws to reduce frayed ends and cut effortlessly through SuperSoftstand, Softstrand, Surflon, and all other brands of picture wire (ie. all sizes of braided wire, standed wire, and Coated Wire). It has a built-in spring for quick, easy cutting and heavy duty construction provides dependable, long-lasting use. It is a great tool for any framing workshop.

Our Price: $31.75
Picture wire cutters Wire Nippers

Part # 3540
Diagonal Nippers For cutting picture wire.
7" long.
Drop forged, tempered steel pliers have precision machined cutting edges for true cuts of most types of wire. Designed to provide maximum leverage and maintain sharpness. Rust resistant protective finish.

Our Price: $10.15