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Push Points Framers Points-200 Per Pkg. fletcher tools for picture framing
Fletcher Push Points
Our Price: $1.45
Fletcher Pushmate
Our Price: $5.85
Part # F08711
Push Points Zinc Coated. Push into place.
Approximately 70 per pkg
Part # 08911
Framer's Points 200 points per pkg. Used with the Frame_Mate only.
Part # F09515
PushMate The PushMate inserts push points, triangle points and diamond points into wood frames and window sash to hold glass and framing materials firmly in place. Simply align PushMate with point and use even pressure to push point into frame or sash.
fletcher tools for picture framing fletcher tools for picutre framing picture frame stapler remover
Fletcher Pull Mate
Our Price: $5.85
Fletcher Spring Mate
Our Price: $5.85
Unfit Staple Remover
Our Price: $7.95
Part # F09517
PullMate The PullMate is a handy tool for quick and easy removal of Fletcher Framer's Points from wood frames. The notced end of the PullMate fits over the point to provide a tight grasp for pulling.
Fletcher SpringMate Part # 3888
Staple Remover Easy to use. Pull both the left and right. Won't damage frame or backing.
NULL Decor Wax Free Stacked Framers Points  <BR>( 3000 ct ) Staples for Pneumatic Stapler <BR> 3/8" x 1/2" <BR> ( Box of 10,000 )
Part# 389
5m Staples per package
Part # D784
Decor Brand Wax Free Stacked Framers Points for the Fletcher Framemaster point driver #3900.
Part# 387
10m Staples per package
framers points #08-950 pt driver pilot drill bits for picture frames
S-18 Nails 3/4 in.
Our Price: $11.50
Part # F08950
Fletcher Wax Free Stacked Framers Points for the Fletcher Framemaster point driver F07500.
Part # 642
F-18 Brads 3/4" - 5000 per package
Part # 2808
Used for drilling pilot holes for the nailing of frames, see catalog for Drill bit size to brad size equivalent guide.
Flex-master Points #08-955 Waxless No. 1 Diamond Points glazier points
Part # F08955
Wax-Free Stacked Points for FlexiMaster Flexible Framer's Points 5/8" long 3,700 per package. Can be bent back for ease of changing print or photo's
Part # 3671
Fletcher No. 1 Waxless Points Packed 5M per package Can be used in Red Devil and Fletcher Point Drivers
Part # 785
Decor Glazier's Points Approx 5000 Stacked Points per package
glazier points 08-980 Arrow Brand T-32 Staples Waxless Stacked Triangle Points
Part # F08980
Glazier's Points Approx 5000 Stacked Points per package
Part # 3046
Staples to fit T-32 and T-30. Packed 5000 per box.
Part # 3362
Fletcher Waxless Triangle Points Approximately 2700 points per pack. A new dimension to your Fletcher No. 5 Point Driver! Good deep penetration. Use fewer points per frame, yet get superior hold-down strength. Easily removed. Can be only used in No. 3361 (Fletcher No. 5 Point Driver)
NULL diamond points Genuine arrow T-50 Staples <BR> 9/16 in. <BR> ( 5000 Per Pack )
Waxless Diamond Points #2
Our Price: $16.95
Part # F08975
Flexible multipoints for Multimaster.
1/2" long ( approx 3000 points )
Part # F08211
Fletcher No. 2 Waxless Points Waxless points don't leave residue. Drivers require less cleaning, virtually eliminates jamming. A very thin coating of newly developed adhesive is applied to the outside of the stack. Fits all drivers. No. 2 point only. Packaged 4M per package
Part # 3738-3158
T50 Staples 9/16".
Packed 5m per box.
Wax Free Stacked Points (5000 ct) NULL Bostitch Nails - Brown Only
Plier Stapler
Our Price: $22.85
Part # 650
Fits Decor #643, Decor #869 and Decor #372 and Fletcher guns purchased prior to June 1997. These black, wax free points are extremely, durable and bendable and are very competitively priced. 5000/package.

Part # 3261
Hand held for greater maneuverability. Designed for reaching into hard-to-get-at places for stapling from any position or angle. Construction features: all steel construction, chrome finish, hand guide loop; cam-actuated double leverage; deep throat, easy-to-get-at mechanism. Uses No. 3262 staples only.
Part # 3460
3,000 per box.
100 brads per stick.
Bostitch Nails - Brown Only Frame Mate flexi points 08-995
Frame Mate
Our Price: $38.00
Part # 3460
3,000 per box.
100 brads per stick.
Part # F07200
Frame-Mate is a professional quality tool that inserts points, push points and brads into wooden frames to hold glass, board, canvas, etc. Its adjustable magnetic anvil holds points and brads in place and the rubber cushion prevents marring. It also trims paper and works as a glass break out too, too!
Part # F08995
Box of 12,000 points in stacks sized to fit the pneumatic fleximaster point driver.
framers points 08-985 Logan Dual Driver Brad Nailer
Salco Brad Gun
Our Price: $68.70
Part # F08985
Box of 12,000 points in stacks sized to fit the pneumatic framemaster point driver.
Logan F500-2: Dual Point Drive Elite Part # 640
The perfect tool for all picture frame backing applications provides fast, easy consistent application of brad nails without bending off brads.