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white cotton gloves Cotton Gloves - Large

Part # 656
Cotton Gloves Large Minimum 1 dozen per size When handling negatives, microfilm, artwork or prints where body oils and grease could cause major damage, use these cotton white gloves and avoid fingerprints.

Our Price: $7.55
Jewelers Screwdrivers Jewelers Screwdrivers

Part # 3249
Jeweler's Screwdrivers Set of 6 For jewelers, instrument makers, sub-miniature parts and assemblers, and other mechanics. has swivel head, nickel plated body with screw chucks grooved for size identification, and tempered steel blade. 3 3/4" overall length. Conforms to Govt. Specs.

Our Price: $17.30
shop apron Shop Apron

Part # 647
17" x 22" Shop Apron Heavy duty apron, designed for the picture framer. Blue denim color. Pen pocket and reg pocket.

Our Price: $10.95