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Decor Pneumatic 5/8" Framer's Points 12000 per Box glazier points pt driver
F-18 Brad Nails 3/4 in.
Our Price: $12.06
Part # 786
Decor Pneumatic 5/8" Stacked Framer's Points box of 12,000. Compatible with Decor's Hard Point Pneumatic Driver Item # 372 and Fletcher Pneumatic FrameMaster Item # F07300.
Part # 785
Decor Glazier's Points Approx 5000 Stacked Points per package. Compatible with Fletcher Framemaster Item # F07500
Part # 642
F-18 Brads 3/4" - 5000 per package
Logan Dual Driver F53 Flex points F54 Rigid points
Part # 643
The Logan Dual Drive Elite quickly drives either rigid or flexible inserts into the rabbet of wood or poly mouldings to properly secure the glass, artwork and backing material into the frame. Features an improved comfort grip and tension knob for harder woods.
Uses points # 985, # 986, # 994 and # 995
Part # 995
Logan F53 Flex Points

Part # 994
Logan F54 Rigid Points
F55 Flex points F56 Rigid points Wax Free Stacked Points (5000 ct)
Wax Free Stacked Points (5000 ct)
Our Price: $17.84
Sale Price: $11.95
Savings: $5.89
Part # 986
Logan F55 Flex Points
Part # 985
Logan F56 Rigid Points
Part # 650
Fits Decor #643, Decor #869 and Decor #372 and Fletcher guns purchased prior to June 1997. These black, wax free points are extremely, durable and bendable and are very competitively priced. 5000/package.

diamond points
Waxless Diamond Points #2
Our Price: $18.74
Part # F08211
Fletcher No. 2 Waxless Points Waxless points don't leave residue. Drivers require less cleaning, virtually eliminates jamming. A very thin coating of newly developed adhesive is applied to the outside of the stack. Fits all drivers. No. 2 point only. Packaged 4M per package