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U300  formerly VN2+1  V-Nailer U300P  formerly VN4L V-Nailer AMP U-400 Former Model Reference - VN144
Part # U300
The U-300 is a bench-top, frame joining machine and the most popular model of custom framer, sign and graphic shops. It is compact, well constructed, and built for many years of trouble free operation. The design of the U-300 allows the operator to set the front and back measuring stops for V-Nail insertion. The frame is then moved across the nail head and V-Nails are driven or stacked anywhere along the frame joint. The V-Nail insertion is actuated through the use of a pneumatic pedal.
Part # 300P
Nails can be driven in three positions without moving the frame or clamping system
Heavy duty production model compare our construction!
Will drive 5 sizes of V-Shaped Wedges (5MM-7MM-10MM-12MM-15MM)
Adjustable hold down for driving into the hardest of woods easily
Soft clamp pneumatics for a tight corner on all your mouldings
Dial Indicator/Tilt & Angle adjustable fence to compensate for mis-cut or mis-milled profiles
Easy adjustment of

PART # U400

can be operated from the front or back and has a single stage pneumatic foot pedal that activates the Horizontal Clamp, securing moulding during the joining process.

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Parts for v-nails Parts for v-nails
Support Table for U300
Our Price: $133.35
Floor Stand
Our Price: $395.00
Part # F04076
Support Table for U300

Part # 4359P
Parts for ITW AMP V-Nail Machines