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mitre vise Cutter For Thumbnailer large inserts thumbnail
Anaconda Vise
Our Price: $99.17
Part # 636
Holds mouldings up to 6-1/2 inches Only vise in the industry to hold new wide mouldings. Each vise has speed handles covered with TEXFOAM which feels soft and is easy on the hands.
Part # 603
Carbide Replacement bit for No.4102
Used with Thumbnailer
Part # 602
Thumbnails for the Nielsen - Bainbridge Thumbnail Master
joiner thumbnails Thumbnails
Logan Pro Joiner
Our Price: $228.00
Part # 5798
Much faster than the Studio Joiner, the Pro Joiner drives 2 nails at a time into hard or soft woods and is ideal for production joining of duplicate frames using the same moulding size. Extremely precise and versatile, yet compact and economical, while producing professional results. Heavy duty professional style joiner for precise corner joints. Features include:
# patented V-nail alignment pins
# drives 1 or 2 nails at a time
# adjustable nail spacing guide & settings
# sliding nail loading mechanism
# quick-adjust corner clamp
# drives all nail sizes
# use on hard or soft woods
# use on mouldings up to 2.5" wide
# fully adjustable power-driven arm
# nails are stackable
# quick load V-nail holding system
# improved foot depth setting
# new moulding support arms
# no assembly required
Part # 601
Thumbnails for the Nielsen - Bainbridge Thumbnail Master
Part # 600
Thumbnails for the Nielsen - Bainbridge Thumbnail Master
routing machine for frames U200 Manual Underpinner Miter Vise
Our Price: $1,259.99
U200 Manual Underpinner
Our Price: $1,254.75
United Mitre Vise
4 inch

Our Price: $55.07
Part # 4102
The joint is so perfect, your customers don t see nails, or putty, or anything. Just perfectly aligned edges and a seamless corner. And behind it, the thick, tough Thumbnails give you the incredible strength a simple little nail or a skinny backnail can t hope to give you. The Thumbnail costs about half of what those expensive underpinners cost. Without the added cost of compressors or frames wasted while learning to use an underpinner.
PART # U200
The new Alpha 1/ M is a completely mechanic frame assembling the machine. Extremely easy to use and at the same time of duration, it is particularly suitable for those operators that cannot use a compressor. Alpha 1/ M foot operating machine can join all types of moulding with precision by means of special steel V-nails. It can use normal straight V-nails, reinforced V-nails for hardwood and special ALFAGRAF V-nails with pulling power effect (that we suggest).
Part # 635
United's Mitre Vise Equipped with speed handles. Rotates 360 degrees. This vise meets every requirement for a picture frame clamp for square corners. It will clamp any moulding up to 4 inches wide, and join any frame larger than 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. The vise holds two sides of the frame firmly in position for nailing. The universal base is made so that the vise can be tilted.