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Fletcher F2200 Repair Kit: springs, bushings, bearings, strap Fletcher Fillet Chopper-replacement blades: set of 2 razor blade
Part # F12045
Fletcher F2200 Repair Kit. Contains: springs, bushings, bearings, strap.
Part # F05700
Fillet Chopper-replacement blades, for Fletcher F04900. Set of 2.
Part # 1490
Replacement Blade
(For Wizard Hand Cutter #1489)
Mitre Cutter
Wizard Mitre Cutter
Our Price: $25.19
Part # 1489
Specifically designed tool to cut miters on wood and poly filets, Decor Archival Glass and Art Spacers, Frametek Products and plastic channels. Great on Balsa strips also.
Cuts mitered angles from 45 degrees to 120 degrees .
Built in safety lock.
No Slip Rubber Grips.
Carbon Steel replaceable Blade ( Part # 1490 )