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Deacidification Refill Bookkeeper Deacidifacation Pump
( Refill )

Part # 1337
38 oz Refill

Our Price: $130.85
Sale Price: $116.99
Savings: $13.86
ph testing pen for paper Lineco Paper PH Testing Pen

Part # L5330023
Lineco Paper and Board pH Testing Pen. An easy, convenient method for distinguishing between safe alkaline paper and board, and unsafe acidic paper and board. Easy to use, simply draw a line and instantly determine the answer. The chlorophenol red indicator solution turns a definite purple color on any paper with a pH of 6.5 or higher. Any other color would indicate a material most likely unsuitable for conservation purposes.

Our Price: $5.51
Preserve It - Gloss Preserve It - Gloss

PART # 472
Digital photos,greeting cards, scrapbook materials and more last twice as song once you add this layer of protection. Without it, moisture, fading, early aging, ink runs and damage from smudges can ruin your most precious valuables.
11 Oz Can

Our Price: $7.76