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ph testing pen for paper Preserve It - Gloss Deacidification Pump
Preserve It - Gloss
Our Price: $7.31
Lineco Paper and Board pH Testing Pen PART # 472
Digital photos,greeting cards, scrapbook materials and more last twice as song once you add this layer of protection. Without it, moisture, fading, early aging, ink runs and damage from smudges can ruin your most precious valuables.
11 Oz Can
Part # 1336
Bookkeeper Deacidification Pump Quickly and efficiently neutralize acidic paper with Bookkeeper Deacidification Pump. Magnesium Oxide is the neutralizing agent in Bookkeeper which is permanently "fixed" in the cellulosic fibers and on the paper's surface. Bookkeepers uses only non toxic and non- hazardous materials, and dries odor free on treated documents. New wt. 5.3 oz
Deacidification Refill
Part # 1337
38 oz Refill