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NULL matguide for matcutting NULL
Specifications: MatPro 150 Height: 6.5' (1900mm) Weight: 230 lbs. (104kg) Width: 6.5' (1900mm) Depth: 2' overall (600mm) Working Area: 40' x 60' Fletcher-Terry introduces the MatPro, a durable and proven mat cutting machine that delivers exceptional quality, versatility, and above all, value. The Matpro pneumatic mat cutter is a unique manual design that incorporates state of the art features increasing your range, minimizing set-up, improving productivity, and eliminati 1. New one-point adjustments The uniquely designed matguide (patent pending) features a large single knob that allows you to make fast and reliable adjustments for any size mat.
2. Easy to adjust measurements The fully integrated mat guide has a calibrated ruler for quick adjustments. Just lock down and cut!
3. Automatic V-Groove V-Groove increments are marked on the mat guide ruler allowing you to locate the V-groove width that you prefer, over and over again.
Part # 4716
groove master blades Mat Blade Mat Blades
1o pack of blades for the 6130 Groove Master Part # 4232
Mat Blade for Fletcher model #3000 multi-material cutter
Part # 3531M
All 8400 series cutters use the #3531M Do not use the 4232 in these machines.
No Notch Blades NULL Bevel Blades
Part # 2631
Heavy duty razor blade. (No. 12) No notches as supplied with the Pre 1980 C&H cutters.
Part # 4474P
Part # 3433A
.015 gauge for rag board. Mat cutter blades
Bevel Blades mat blades Glass Cutter Wheels
Part # 3433B
United mat cutter blades. .012 gauge for regular mat board. For bevel cuts.
Part # 4643
.017 for double thick & 8 ply rag board.

Use these blades for double thick or 8 ply mat board.United Mfrs. Supplies Inc. your one source for all of your framing supplies.United Mfrs. Supplies your one source for all of framing needs.
Part # 4481P
cutto blades UMS Brand Blades for Logan Cutters Blades (Straight Cut)
Part # 4644
United single bevel blades .015 bevel
Part # 3752
Mat blades 1 1/2" long. 1 1/2" x .012
Part # 3530
Same style & gauge as Stanley
NULL single bevel matblades 1200SE NULL
Alto Blade Bulk
Our Price: $14.55
Part # 5107
Part # 4370
A single bevel blades designed not to flex at corners when cutting ragmat or 6-8 ply board.United Mfrs. your one source for all your picture frame supplies
Part # 4831
alto blades bulk
Logan Blade #269 Logan #269 Blade NULL
Logan #269 Blade
Our Price: $14.60
Logan #269 Blade
Our Price: $14.60
Part # 3754
For use with # 4727 Designers Edge & #5049 Framer s Edge Only
Part # 3754
For use with # 4727 Designers Edge & #5049 Framer s Edge Only
hand matcutter NULL logan glass cutter attachment
Carbide Wheel for 5098
Our Price: $17.75
Logan Glass Cutter #704
Our Price: $18.00
Part # 4728
Pull type 90-degree straight cutter has comfortable 3"(7.62cm) ergonomic handle. Use with any suitable straight edge. Three depth settings: safety, single sheet, and 3/16" (0.48cm) foamboard. Includes pre-installed nylon guides and screws to instantly add on to Logan Adapt-A-Rule, Logan Team System, Logan Compact, Logan Intermediate, and Logan SimplexPlus. Includes five replacement blades. Uses Logan 270 blade.
Part # 5098W
Replacement Carbide Wheel
Part # 4481
Simple and easy to use this handy tool provides the ability to cut glass by adapting to any Logan Compact or Simplex

Hardened tool steel wheel for longer life
Cuts glass up to .090 thick
Designed to score glass for Picture Framing
Portable & easy to use
Changing of cutting wheel is easy and quick.United Mfrs. Supplies your one source for all of your picture framing supplies.
glass cutter Super Keen .012 Matblades fletcher matcutter blade 05-015
Fletcher Carbide Wheel
Our Price: $18.25
Part # 4188
Carbide Glass Wheel Unit. Used in the Fletcher-Terry model 3000 and 3100 cutting machines.
Part # 3942
Fletcher mat cutting blades for the fletcher 2000, fletcher 2100 and the fletcher 2200. These blades are used for standard matboard cutting.
Part # 3943
100 per pack fletcher matblade for 2000, 2100 or 2200 fletcher matcutters.
fletcher 05-016 Mat Cutter Blades mat cutter
Dexter Mat Cutter
Our Price: $22.75
Part # 4636
Fletcher single bevel blades...will not flex ...used for cutting bevels on 6 ply and 8 ply board...also for cutting down double thick backing board United Mfrs. Supplies your one source for all of your picture framing supplies.
Blades for Logan Platinum Edge Model 850 Mat Cutter
Box of 100
Part # 2404
The original Dexter Mat Cutter, strong and experienced. Dexter makes mat cutting easy for perfect straight or bevel cuts with no chance of ragged or untidy edges. Fast straight or bevel cuts with a straight edge. Adjustable cutting depth for cutting or scoring. Five No. 3 Dexter precision blades included. Built in aligning sighting. Chrome plated for a lifetime of smooth clean performance. Uses No. 2403 or No. 3404 Blades.