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Material cutter razor blade NULL
Material Cutter
Our Price: $8.95
The recommended tool for cutting preservation space, Framespace, Filets, and plastic channel. Part # 3884B
Replacement Blade (for #3884)
Part # 2261
Replacement blades for 4399
Trim Cutter Blades (for #4399) Mitre Cutter NULL
Wizard Mitre Cutter
Our Price: $32.95
Blades for 4693
Our Price: $99.25
Part # 2261
Replacement blades for 4399
Part # 3884
The recommended tool for cutting mitres on: Framespace, Filets and Plastic channel. A Real Time Saver!
Part # 4693B
Fillet Measuring System wood fillet cutter miter cutter for moulding or filets
Trim Cutter
Our Price: $280.80
Mini Mitre Cutter
Our Price: $517.75
No more yardsticks or tape measures. The Holding
Bracket simply bolts onto any new or existing Frame
Square Trim Cutter, and the Measuring Fence sets onto
the bracket. When you remove and adjust the fence to fit
your mat (both dimensions) you’re ready to cut the fillet.
Part # 4399
Makes working with Mat Trim easier...

Cuts Wood & Plastic Mat Trim Like A Chopper
Tool Steel Blades
Two Way Fence, One Way For Plastic The Other For Wood
Hand Operation
Adjustable Scale. Custom adjustments for each trim.
Recommended for cutting Rabbetspace
Part # 4693
With 40"Measuring Arm and Stop Now you can cut mat fillets with ease, even if you don't own a chopper or saw... The Mini-Mitre can be mounted on a table or board (for portability). The hardened steel blades are preset to accurate 45 cuts and can accurately shave as little as 1/32". The blades can be sharpened and are replaceable. The Mini-Mitre's heavy duty construction will give you many years of trouble free operation.